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Remarketing Ads Guarantee Qualified Leads

Remarketing is a powerful strategy for advertising. It primarily consists of positioning company ads in a strategic location on the computer screen, right in front of audiences, as they conduct their daily internet browsing. Remarketing ads pop up casually and without interrupting the viewer’s browsing experience.

What is the purpose of remarketing ads?Remarketing Ads Guarantee Qualified Leads

The rationale behind remarketing ads is that these advertisements enable companies to show themselves instantly to previous customers & visitors, increasing the customer’s awareness of the brand. This guarantees qualified, legit, interactive, and solid leads that will transform into conversions, or completed activity.

Another reason behind remarketing ads is more simple: if a customer already made a purchase with your company, and the company’s ad comes up while the client is internet browsing, the clients will likely click on the ad that they are already familiar with, rather than venture out to try something unknown.

Who is the intended audience of remarketing ads?

Remarketing ads target people who have previously interacted with a brand or website, but stopped browsing, or left the site before completing a purchase. The ad is the reminder that, perhaps, the potential client may want to go back and check out again that item they were interested on before.

What companies have the most effective remarketing?

Undeniably, the most popular search engine is Google, and the most visited social media sites are Facebook and Instagram.

Whether customers go on Google do a search, on Facebook to interact with friends, or on Instagram to upload pictures using the app, they will be exposed to advertisements from thousands of other companies. Why not add your own brand to the competition?


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Here is how remarketing ads work:


Facebook Remarketing Ads:

Facebook Remarketing Ads target visitors that have previously come to your online site, using something called a “tracking pixel.” It enables your company to track those visitors who came to your online store, blog, or website, and left before completing a purchase.

If you choose Facebook Remarketing Ads, here is what will happen:

  • Facebook will serve as the medium between your store ad and the customer.
  • Facebook will run your ad in your customer’s Facebook feed, which is strategically savvy.
  • Your ads will not be blocked by blocking algorithms

It is important to note that the marketer can choose specific audiences, namely, those customers who were about to make a purchase and then changed their minds.

Bottom Line: Facebook Ads are not about stalking clients, but about inviting them to rethink their decision.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing Ads are different than Facebook Ads, in that the ad will appear when someone is searching for your specific brand, blog or product. The ad will show up during the searching process.

If you choose to try Google Remarketing Ads, here is what you will have to do:

Set up your Google Ads account (also known as a campaign) using search engine optimization (SEO) language, or simply the keywords that identify your brand the most.

Just add any words that relate to what your business has to offer, and be sure to add words that are unique to your brand.

Once you follow those steps:

  • Google will enable you to match your keywords so that your ad shows when shoppers search for terms related to your keywords.
  • Every time someone makes a Google search, or clicks on an ad from a site, the Google algorithm catalogues, categorizes, and selects the ads that will go on that search page almost instantly.

Bottom Line: Google Ads enhance the viewer’s searching experience by placing ads during the search process. This renders the customer more likely to click on your brand’s ad.

Instagram Remarketing Ads

Instagram Remarketing Ads are pretty simple to set up. However, you must install the previously-mentioned Facebook pixel and add it to your website or blog.

To do this, use Google Chrome as your search engine to look into the Facebook Power Editor.

You can create a brand new Pixel for each of the websites you want to remarket on Instagram.

If you chose to use Instagram Remarketing Ads:

  • It will still be Facebook pixels that will track traffic and specific visitors.
  • You get to create your target audience using that same Facebook pixel.
  • You can even enter specific details of who you want your custom audience to be.
  • For more information click here.

Conclusion: Ads are the best way to promote your brand or business. These popular social media sites and search engines allow your to promote without intruding in the browsing experience of users. Try using remarketing ads, and you may see a difference in your demand and profits.



Our experts have the solutions to solve your digital marketing problems

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