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5 Things to Consider in Digital Marketing in Times of Covid-19

The outbreak of dangerous Covid-19 has created an unprecedented situation for businesses across the globe. Barring a few small businesses dealing in essential services, most businesses have witnessed a big slump in leads and conversions in the past few weeks. This has forced almost every digital marketing agency in Florida to prune its clients marketing budget and reconsider its strategies. Here’s what we think can help these companies stay afloat and weather the pandemic.

Following these 5 tips can maximize the efficiency of digital marketing campaigns:

1. Evaluate Your Existing Campaigns

5 Things to Consider in Digital Marketing in Times of Covid-19Covid-19 has created an all-pervading atmosphere of gloom and doom in the world, forcing people to cut down on spending due to fear of losing their jobs. In trying times like these, it becomes all the more crucial to take stock of all the campaigns and pause those which aren’t of utmost necessity. Shift your attention to campaigns that can help customers caught in this crisis.  For example, Uber Eats made a conscious choice to avoid posts about St. Patrick’s Day deals or delivery specials. You can reach out to companies like Earning Wise Digital Marketing who offer digital marketing services in South Florida for guiding you through the right strategy.

2. Show Solidarity with Other Businesses and People

Irrespective of the industry you work in, this is the time to show solidarity with the business fraternity as a whole since they have been hit equally hard as your business. Raise your voice for help. It’s time for all of us to come together and acknowledge shared priorities. You can share their concerns through your social media pages.

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3. Tweak Your Paid Search Campaign

Since the demand for products and services in most of the industries is low, the conversion rates, CPMs and CPCs are also lower than usual. You can switch to manual bidding if you’re using smart bidding. Reallocate budget, change bids, and tweak your campaigns on a daily basis. You can think of hiring Earning Wise Digital Marketing as your digital marketing agency in Florida to help you carry out these tasks.

4. Keep People Informed

Companies need to communicate cautiously in response to the crisis to avoid a backlash later. Avoid doing anything that spreads panic and fear. You can convey positive messages to keep people informed. For example, you can talk of proactive measures you are taking to help people or any other useful update on Covid-19 on various social media channels. You can also think of creating useful infographics to inform people.

Even if your product or service is not of any direct help to people, your brand can still stand apart from the crowd by offering informative, educational and inspiring content to people. Coke’s “Open Happiness” campaign during 2008-09 to promote optimism, hope, and humanity is an illustrious case in point.

While doing so, be mindful of your tone. Using “Great Covid-19 Sales Offer” would leave people with a bad taste in the mouth.

5. Prepare for Post-Pandemic Scenario

Like all crises in the past, this too shall pass. Make a plan to prepare for that transition thoughtfully. Plan in detail how you can capitalize on the situations in the future when things start improving. Think of leveraging the power of long-term SEO and paid search campaigns to ensure your website ranks high for high-volume and high-competition keywords.


Managing a crisis of such huge proportions and alarming consequences is certainly challenging, but it is important at the same time to understand and rest assured that the world is not going to end. The biggest opportunities are borne out of the toughest of times. You can prepare for a better future by effectively responding to this crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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