Brand Marketing

We provide branding from the beginning to end, so whether it’s creating a logo or other supporting graphics, we have you covered.

Social & Digital Media

Creating a successful social media presence requires effective planning and creativity. Our team can help your social accounts grow.

Graphic & Web Design

Helping your company stand out among your competition is our niche. From websites and SEO to graphics and promotional material.

Consulting & Development

We also develop and establish marketing and media plans, help companies deploy an effective business plan, and much more!

We Help Our Clients

The Full Service Marketing & Design Team

Having worked with businesses across a wide range of industries from automotive, medical, to finance, our team has the experience and skills to help your company reach new heights.

The Earning Wise team specializes in brand marketing strategy, creative production, design, and consulting. We can help you build a new website, strengthen your search engine optimization, build email marketing and social media campaigns, branding and logos, develop new marketing strategies, and much more!

- Brent Bardales
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Meet The Founder(s)

Well, sort of... meet them in person. They are much more interesting.

Brent Bardales

Founder & The Real Superman

Having owned and founded various companies
and growing them collectively into multimillion
dollar ventures, Brent is set out to extend those
same techniques and strategies to help
other businesses grow.

Fun fact: He likes cars. A lot.


Jack The Dog

Co-Founder & Imaginary Friend

I’m a longhair dachshund. I’m not born yet, but
when I am, I will be Brent’s best friend.

Fun fact: I don’t shed.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

A few of our recently completed projects


Our focus is innovative brand development by way of strategy. The process is a combination of quality & creative design with strategic marketing practices.

Brand Marketing & Development

Create brand identity.

Having a well rounded brand identity incorporates various factors. Creating an eye-catching logo is only the first step in the process. By capturing the personality and core values of your business, we are able to convey your brands message to your customers through branding.

Passion delivers success.

We recognize that you and your business have specific goals and values. Our team captures the passion that drives your business in order to successfully translate it to your customers.

Increase your customer volume. Create relationships.

The customers that you target come to your business because you have what they are looking for. Our goal is to create and design successful marketing strategies to convey that message and reach your target audience.

Strategic Planning.

When beginning a social media or digital marketing campaign, the most important step is planning. Various factors like budget, customer demographics, and individual company goals determine how to carry out the right campaign strategy for your business.

Ad Creation.

Creating eye-catching, effective ad’s for platforms like Facebook and Instagram is an integral component to a successful marketing campaign. With your business goals and culture in mind, our advertising experts will design professional ads to represent your company and attract new customers.

Proper Deployment & Sales Funnel Mapping.

Getting new customers to your website and store is half of the battle. Converting them into paying customers requires proper deployment and follow up. We can implement methods and coding to track and retarget your customers on multiple platforms to help them convert to increased revenue for your business.

Social & Digital Media Marketing Experts

Professional E-Mail Campaign Marketing

Content Curation.

When deploying an email campaign, it is imperative to have the right content in your messages. While design plays an integral role in the process, if you don’t have relevant content then you won’t get the response that you desire from potential customers. Our team is experienced in curating content that drives business.

HTML E-Mail Coding & Design.

Designing an eye catching email isn’t as straight forward as it may seem. In order to capture the essence of your brand, extensive email coding and design must be done to create the perfect representation of your company.

Cost Effective Sales Funnels.

In most businesses, sales aren’t captured on a customers first visit. This requires the proper budgeting and strategy to create an effective sales funnel to bring your customers back to your store. Multichannel marketing with email campaign integration is our expertise.

Website Building & Design.

Our web building and design capabilities are endless. Whether you want to build an e-commerce store, an informational website, a blog, or just an attractive landing page, our web design team has you covered.

Graphic Design Professionals.

Need a new retractable banner for your upcoming trade show? Or how about new promotional material to give out to clients? Our experienced design team is ready to take on the task. The Earning Wise graphic design team can handle any design project, large or small!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts.

Before dumping hundreds or thousands into a marketing campaign, you need to have an optimized website. That means optimizing your websites speed, content, and its ability to be organically populated by search engines like Google and Bing.

Graphic & Web Design

Marketing Consulting & Business Development

Business Analysis With A Focus On Marketing.

You’re the expert in your business. We are the experts in marketing. We will take a deep dive into the ins and outs of your marketing strategies and build upon the strengths. Our goal is to implement long term strategies to help your business turn into what you dream of.

Growth Strategy & Planning.

Having a marketing plan and strategy is an integral step in a successful business. Creating and implementing that strategy is what will take your business to the next level. With our experience in growing and sustaining profitable businesses, our team will pass along those methods to your business.

Brand Consistency.

We team up with our clients and treat it as a partnership with the aim to keep your brand consistent throughout all mediums of marketing. Whether that is social media, web, traditional print or advertising. We can pinpoint the areas of fault and turn them into your strengths..